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Here is my computer page.
JBD Computers

And my Linux page.
Joe's Linux Page

A great place to keep up with sun spot activity.

Want to get your Ham ticket? Or just need to get caught up? Check out The ARRL for all the latest about Ham Radio.

Look up a repeater in the USA, Canada and Mexico

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   Welcom, Here I will keep you up to date on my ham radio activities as well as other ham radio related items. I have not been active for a few years, but I plan to get back into the swing of things. I still have a few good rigs around the house and I am planing to set them back up soon. I will be operating in cw, packet and phone. I hold a technicians class with a 5 wpm code test under my belt. At the time my ticket was issued there was no such thing as a coded tech yet, so the ticket reads as a no-code tech, but that's not the case. Even though cw is no longer required to be a ham, I love cw and plan to make it a big part of my page and my operation. That's all for now...  Feel free to send me an e-mail. I will be posting the bands I will be on as soon as my rigs are up again. I also want this page to become a real net for others to use. I hope to hear from other hams soon. Until then, 73s...

 Here is my personal band plan:

for the recommended frequencies please see The ARRL Band Plan. I follow this suggested plan and I think you should too. If you disagree that's OK, just don't expect to find me using a repeater input for a simplex qso or phone on 28.100mhz

80/75 meters DX cw 10wpm or less please / packet / digital. It's been a wile so I still don't have a tnc with gtor or other newer digital modes. Most likely I will be using rtty and pactor. Although I send and receive slow in cw, my character speed is set to about 20 wpm I feel this is easier to understand.   If you have a good digital mode suggestion please send it along. I'm using an old Kam Plus way back from 1993. Hay, it still works... I think?

10 meters DX and Local usb phone / cw / packet / digital...

2 meters Local  fm phone, simplex and repeaters...

70cm (aka 440) Local fm phone, simplex and repeaters...

NOTE: All my rigs are barefoot...
HF 25 - 100 watts
VHF 5 - 50 watts
UHF 4 - 35 watts
HTs 1 - 5 watts
I DO NOT operate qrp

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